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Hiring an SEO Company? 5 Critical Questions to Avoid Getting Tricked!

Search Engine Optimisation is big business. SEO companies used to be seen as a fringe service. But not anymore. After all, having your online presence optimised to produce the highest possible search ranking is of paramount importance. This realisation by the business community has caused a proliferation of SEO companies.…

Web Design Terms Explained

It’s true to say that web design terms are gradually seeping into the general consciousness. But these things take time – after all, it’s been less than three decades since the World Wide Web was conceived. For some, this whole internet thing is still a bit of a culture shock.…

Dispelling Common Search Engine Optimisation Myths

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can have a massive impact. Getting it right can make a huge difference to your business website’s success. Below are five myths about SEO debunked. Search Engine Optimisation Is A One-Off Thing Oftentimes people mistakenly think search engine optimisation is something that they setup once and…

5 Ideas For Better Website Design

Is your website design working for your business? You want your online presence to instantly communicate the services or products you offer. Likewise, the reasons why your company is the better choice for your online customers need to be clear. Your website’s design should be professional, simple to navigate and…

Improve Rankings For Your Website

The search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape and therefore the quest to improve rankings is changing. In the past, you could reach the number one spot by using your target term or keyword repeatedly on your site. As a result, web designers began taking advantage of this effect and used ‘keyword…

An Insight Into Google’s ‘Rankbrain’ Algorithm

Google has a series of algorithms used to crawl through the web to monitor the quality of websites to provide the best search results for users. These algorithms fall under the umbrella of ‘Hummingbird’ and have specific roles in sorting and then ranking. Rankbrain is one of these algorithms and…