on-site SEO

On-site SEO (also known as on-page SEO) includes all the search engine optimisation efforts that take place directly on a particular website. The aim is to improve search engine rankings and visibility. It can involve optimising the content such as texts, images & other media as well as the HTML source code of pages on a site which provide means to structure content semantically.

What Is An Effective SEO Strategy?

An effective SEO strategy is a complex subject. It involves so many elements such as website content, website coding and structure, website graphics and website marketing. The objective of SEO is to hone all of these elements into a perfect package that will achieve the best possible search engine ranking…

Improve Rankings For Your Website

The search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape and therefore the quest to improve rankings is changing. In the past, you could reach the number one spot by using your target term or keyword repeatedly on your site. As a result, web designers began taking advantage of this effect and used ‘keyword…

Mobiles Are A Game Changer

One can no longer ignore the fact that mobile phones are everywhere these days. With more mobiles in Australia than there are Australians, it is a trend that has a significant impact on how today’s websites are created. Mobile web design is high in demand. With 66% of Australians researching…