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Hiring an SEO Company? 5 Critical Questions to Avoid Getting Tricked!

Search Engine Optimisation is big business. SEO companies used to be seen as a fringe service. But not anymore. After all, having your online presence optimised to produce the highest possible search ranking is of paramount importance. This realisation by the business community has caused a proliferation of SEO companies.…

SEO Copywriting – A Guide

So, you’ve got yourself a shiny new website. The product pictures look great and the logo really pops. Great, you’re on your way. Now what’s all this about SEO copywriting? Is it important or have you spent enough time and money already? The answer is simple – SEO Copywriting is…

Consider Clever Content Marketing

In an online world where we’re bombarded with adverts, content marketing is the soft-sell approach to sales. It works because you exchange quality information for interest in your business. The trick though, is that it has to be either credible information or at least a good read. Both will foster…